Fine Art watercolor and floral designer

Fine Art watercolor and floral designer

Fine Art watercolor and floral designerFine Art watercolor and floral designer

My Style.

"I try to capture the viewers attention with the intentional splatters of paint in specific areas to achieve movement and excitement with my subject."

My Subjects.

I've chosen to paint mostly song birds because I feel that most people have a connection with them, be it spiritually or artistically.


When you see cardinals perched on bare branches in winter - they are breathtaking and you can't help but to pause and watch them. Yellow finches in summer are  not only cheerful to hear, they are also like visual eye candy.  Blue birds preparing their nests and noticing just how blue they really are. 

It's natures color wheel at work.

Little did I know, that way back in 3rd grade, I would become a successful artist. My mother once asked me ”What do you want to be when you grow up? An artist” I answered. And here I am. An artist. 

And finally, about me.

Having relocated from Syracuse, New York to Asheville over 10 years ago, I had planned on continuing my long career in the floral industry. 

I've competed in national flower shows as well as being an accredited national flower show judge.  I accepted a job in the floral department at the Biltmore Estate and although I had the honor to work along side some talented floral designers, I felt it was time for me to take my watercolor art more seriously. 

Ironically, my late father in law was an ornathologist from Cornell University and although I never met him, my husband has many fond memories of his father and his involvement with birds, I myself was a novice bird watcher. So it seemed only natural for me to want to paint birds and (of course) flowers. 

Currently, my husband and I live in Asheville with our sweet chocolate lab, Marley.